The return to the blogging community

by incomparablyjonah

Like Napoleon on his triumphant return from Elba, I too return to the blogging community.



That sounded a lot less pompous in my head.


Regardless of any Napoleonic ambitions that this post may or may not reveal, this post marks the first time in five years that I have posted on a blog. You see, a long time ago, I was an avid blogger. However, to save some shocking and scandalous details for time’s sake (and to increase your curiosity), I left, never to return to the blogging world again. (Imagine that line as if I were Antonio Saleri…)


But then fate played a hand.

For many years, my fans (okay, my friends, but calling them fans sounds more fun) have requested me to write a food blog. This, I refused to do, as I vowed never to return to the blogging world. However, in a moment of a change of heart, akin to the end of ‘Casablanca’, King Xerxes in the Bible or…insert some amazing literary reference, I have decided to return to the internet, one last time.

This blog will include witty writings about various eateries I encounter, culinary (not even close to masterpieces) I attempt to make and pretty much anything related to food.


So, with quill (or computer) in hand, a spork in the other hand, a longing for food and a (borderline) humble heart, I announce the start of my blog.