Review System

If one is to be a food critic, then one must have a paradigm* as a food critic. This means that you need an official “Breakdown” system of how to rate a restaurant.

Each style of restaurant requires a different review system. For example, if I am in the mood for, say, a burrito, I’m not going to care half as much about its artistic plating as much as I would about its taste. For that reason, each cuisine requires its own review system. So in the following weeks, each time I go to a restaurant serving a different cuisine, I’ll create a review system for that new style.

As the most recent restaurant I attended served hamburgers, I’ll showcase that review style first.

Jonah’s Burger Rating System

This system has been tested time and time again over the years, as it was first created in 2007 by myself…with a little help from my brother, Patrick.

Meat Quality-10 Possible Points.

Bun Quality-10 Possible Points

Standard Topping Quality-10 Possible Points

Specialty Toppings-10 Possible Points

Fries\Sides-5 Possible Points

Design\Engineering-5 Possible Points


This section is subject to reform\expansion.

*I included that word for my friends from San Diego.